All products are produced according to the standard of the International Association of Plumbing and Installations.

Due to the fact that the valves are prepared by casting method and have low quality and have created many problems for many years. Accordingly, the company decided to have advanced molding machines. For the first time, will produce disconnected and connected valves and brass network valves by forging method. Manufactured valves have a very high accuracy due to machining by advanced machines.


Made according to ISIRI162222 standard EN13823
100% quality control
Simple handle design with easy opening and closing function
Ability to connect to various types of metal pipes polyethylene five layers and green pipes
having a low pressure drop compared to other valves
Double leakage coefficient compared to other valves


Home, commercial, agricultural and industrial plumbing
Irrigation systems
Heating and cooling systems
Health services
Hot water services
Branch of water supply network
Types of collector, branch and collector branch pipes