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Pipe and fitting Wholesale

Al Saadat Building Material is a wholesaler of pipe and fitting:

PPRC TYPE 3, PEX b AL PEX b pipes products and many other industrial piping product.

We have rock-bottom pricing which cannot compete by our rivals online or offline.

Knowing that most of homeowners rely on polypropylene single layer pipes for their household water supply and for their sanitary applications, we decided to start our business as a wholesale polypropylene single layer pipe and fitting supplier.

Al Saadat Building material company is one of the largest distributor of polypropylene single layer pipes all over the world.

The raw material used in production process are Polypropylene random copolymers (PPRC TYPE 3) which are supplied from reputable manufacturers.

Our products are under precise total quality control.

More than 150 types of Polypropylene fittings which are produced by using high-tech press and injection machines are also available.

Single-wall polyethylene pipes in sizes 16 to 315 mm are produced with the latest Europe technology.

Our company has also a wide range of sewage drainage pipe and fittings which are in two groups of silent 3 layer push-fit pipes in different diameters (50 to160 mm) and polypropylene sewage drainage push-fit pipe and fittings (3 layer) in sizes from 50 to 160 mm.

Another product is five-layer PEX b AL PEX b pipes.

This pipe with a five-layer structure and the use of PEX polymer with aluminum can withstand temperatures of 90 c in a pressure of 10 bars.

In addition to PEX and PPRC pipes and fittings, we also provide a variety of building installation valves including gas and water.

They are produced from a specific type of brass alloys to improve the mechanical and chemical properties of them.

All products are manufactured according to the standards of International Association of Plumbing and Installation IAPMO, INSO 16222.

As declared pipe and fitting categories include PPRC pipes and fittings, push-fit pipes, silent push-fit pipes, Pex-Al-Pex pipes and fittings and building installation valves.

These categories are a complete selection of diverse pipe and fitting models to meet the different needs of customers.

Our Products have received the required national and international certificates and standards so we have the opportunity to compete with our rivals in domestic and international market.

We offer one of the widest collection of pipe and fitting in huge supplies, wholesale price and top quality that means our products are ready to ship as soon as you order.

We ship your orders all over the world at your location.

Get your pipe supplies and more with us .