PPRC Pipes Fittings

Product introduction

The raw materials of this product are random type 3 polypropylene with the abbreviated name of PPRC TYPE3, which is prepared from world renowned manufacturers. The raw materials of this product are tested and approved in the production process and the products are in the initial control stages during the process. And final post production control, inspection and strict quality control. Due to the longitudinal expansion coefficient of single layer polymer pipes in hot water piping systems, the company has produced five layer polypropylene pipes that prevent the penetration of light and oxygen and reduce the coefficient of longitudinal expansion of the pipe so that when passing The hot water consumed from the surface of the surface piping does not bend or deform in appearance. Polypropylene Azin pipes reduce the pressure drop in the building piping system due to their low roughness coefficient, and the use of polymer fittings creates a unique uniformity and homogeneity between the pipe and the connection and creates complete sealing.


Preventing light from passing through the tube and thus preventing the growth of microorganisms.
Existence of guidelines in all pipes and fittings to increase the speed and quality of piping.
Uses of hot and cold water.
Very fast and easy installation.
Corrosion resistant.
Resistant to acids, bases, etc. does not deposit and never rots.
Transparent and beautiful appearance of the tube.
Thermal and electrical insulation.
Impact resistant (according to standard) and environmental degradation conditions.
Very slight pressure drop.


Hot and cold water piping of all types of buildings
Air conditioning systems
Water transfer in risers