Pex-Al-Pex Pipes Fittings

Given the high cost of modern buildings, planning to increase the lifespan of buildings seems necessary. One of the most important factors to increase the lifespan of a building is its system and plumbing system.The application of new technologies in the construction industry, the pipes used in the building has also undergone a dramatic change. This development has been introduced with the supply of five layer PEX b Al PEX b integrated pipes with a lifespan of more than 50 years and a maximum operating temperature of 90 ° C. Corrosion and sedimentation in metal pipes and high thermal expansion, intolerance of temperature and high pressure and oxygen permeability in polymer pipes, impose a lot of direct and indirect damages and costs on buildings every year. The new technology, by combining metal and polymer, in addition to taking advantage of metal and polymer pipes, has eliminated the disadvantages of these pipes and the problems resulting from their optimal performance.


Heat tolerance up to 90
No oxygen penetration into the pipe and prevent sludge and water discoloration
Resistant to many chemicals (acids, bases, etc.)
Very small longitudinal expansion coefficient (metal limit)
Excellent resistance to pressure due to the presence of aluminum and its longitudinal weld
Very slight pressure drop due to the smooth surface inside the pipe
Quick, easy and waste free installation
It bends easily and takes shape
It is safe in built in plumbing and beautiful in external installation
It does not rust, does not scale and never rots
Easy and safe installation of connections
All hot and cold water systems and sanitation
Cooling, heating and air conditioning facilities
Underfloor heating systems
Water transfer in risers