How to calculate the size of heating radiator piping?

1 Calculation of the required heating power: To calculate the required heating power, you must first determine the area of ​​the space that is to be heated. Then, according to the type of space, the height of the ceiling, the material of the walls and windows, the size and position of the radiator and other related factors, calculate the required heating power.

2 Calculation of water flow rate: After calculating the required heat power, you must calculate the water flow rate required to transfer this power. To do this, you must use the following relationship:

Water flow (liters per minute) = required heat power (watts) ÷ (maximum temperature change * 60)

3 Calculation of piping size: After calculating the required water flow, you must calculate the piping size. For this, you can use the piping size table, which is determined based on the amount of water flow and pipe pressure. At this stage, you should also pay attention to the type of piping system (single pipe or two pipes) and determine the size of the piping based on the type of system.

4 Calculate the size of the radiator: In this step, you should calculate the size of the radiator based on the amount of water flow and the pressure of the piping system. For this, you can use the radiator diagram that b