Should the building\'s hot and cold water piping be checked by leak testing before installing sanitary appliances?

 Before installing sanitary appliances in the building, cold water and hot water piping should be checked by leakage test to prevent any leakage in them. This test is done to make sure that the pipes are installed correctly and that there are no leaks.

The pressure and duration of the leak test depends on the type of piping and water pressure in the building. In general, for hot and cold water piping, the water pressure during the test should be at least 4 times the nominal pressure and should be maintained for at least 24 hours. After the expiration of the prescribed period, the leaks in the piping are detected using special equipment designed for this purpose by the installation repairmen.

Also, accredited specialized laboratories can also be used to conduct leakage tests in the building's piping system. In this case, laboratories usually use special testers that can automatically adjust the water pressure and test time and record the test results accurately. If a leak is found in the piping system, the piping should be opened and the leak repaired. After the repair, the leak test should be done again to ensure that the leak in the piping system has been fixed.

Finally, after making sure that there are no leaks in the hot and cold water piping system, the sanitary appliances can be installed. This action makes the sanitary piping system perform better and preserves the health of the building's users.