What is the method of calculating and choosing a radiator for heating in relation to space and location?

To calculate and choose a radiator for heating according to space and location, several factors should be considered. In the following, we describe the calculation and selection steps of the radiator:

  1. Calculation of the heating requirement: First, you must calculate the heating requirement of the space. This calculation is based on the size of the desired space, the type of use of the space, the height of the ceiling and the location of the building. For more accurate calculation, you can use different simulation software.

  2. Calculation of radiator power: according to the heating needs of the space, you should calculate the radiator power. For this, you can use different formulas. One of these formulas is as follows:

Radiator power (Watt) = desired space size (m²) x operating factor x temperature difference

In this formula, the operating factor refers to the actual power of the radiator and is usually set between 1 and 1.5. The temperature difference also refers to the temperature difference between the ambient temperature and the air temperature inside the space and is usually considered equal to 20 degrees Celsius.

  1. Choosing the right radiator: according to the calculated radiator power, you should choose the right radiator for the desired space. When choosing a radiator, you should pay attention to its material, size and type. For example, in small spaces, you can use wall radiators that are made of steel or aluminum, and in larger spaces, you can use water radiators. Also, in choosing a radiator, you should pay attention to the type of heating system used (such as floor heating system, radiator or fan coil) and the amount of radiator wall space.

Finally, after choosing the right radiator, you must install it in order to install in the desired space an entity called "suspension system", which is done by experts in the installation and implementation of the heating system.

It should be noted that when choosing a radiator, pay attention to its material, appearance and style, because the radiator must also match the decoration of the space at the same time as it performs the heating function.