What are the scope and uses of pex-al-pex pipe and connection?

A type of pipe that uses aluminum oil and good performance properties to distribute water in urban buildings and industries.

The use of PEX AL PEX pipe can be mentioned below as an example:

  1. Indoor water distribution system: PEX AL PEX pipe is used as a type of high quality pipe for indoor water distribution.

  2. Industrial water distribution system: PEX AL PEX pipe with good performance is used for water distribution in various industries.

  3. Urban water distribution system: Due to the good properties of PEX AL PEX pipe, it is used in the urban water distribution system.

  4. Water heating system: PEX AL PEX pipe is used in water heating system with good performance in temperature

  5. By expanding the use of the pipe

    PEX AL PEX is widely used in many industries and urban fields such as buildings, food industry, water industry, medical industry, etc.

    Also, the use of PEX AL PEX pipe for water distribution in floating pool systems, water heating systems for homes and buildings, air conditioning systems, and water distribution systems in hospitals, etc., also due to its high quality and properties Positive performance is widely used