Push-Fit Pipes Fittings Silent

Silent sewer push pipes and fittings

Silent high quality three layer pipes in diameters of 50 to 160 mm are produced and marketed in different sizes.


Reduce and prevent the transmission of sound around
High impact resistance even at temperatures below zero degrees
High heat resistance against hot water coming out of dishwashers and washing machines

No sedimentation

Very high installation speed and no need for equipment
Resistant to all kinds of chemicals and detergents
Resistant to fire development and non ignition in possible fires
Variety of connections for ease of installation and assembly
Resistant to destruction by microorganisms and rodent organisms
Resistant to earthquake and subsidence buildings
Uses of push pipes
Sewage disposal of residential, commercial, office, hotel, etc.
Condensed water drain in air conditioning systems
Municipal sewage pipes
Rainwater collection