What are the important points for choosing the sewer route?

Choosing the correct route for sewage piping in a building is very important and the following points should be considered:

  1. Distance from the main sewer pipe: The piping route should be such that the distance from the main sewer pipe is at least 30 cm and at most 1 meter.

  2. Slope of the pipe: The sewer pipe should be driven with a suitable slope towards the main sewer pipe so that the water flows naturally in the proper direction. If the slope of the pipe is not suitable, the water is not able to flow properly and may cause an unpleasant smell as well as technical problems.

  3. Required space: For sewage piping, sufficient space for installation and maintenance of pipes and repairs should be considered. Pipes that are installed in closed and difficult places may face maintenance and repair problems.

  4. Placement and method of installing trays: Trays should be installed in places with more traffic and at bends and change of direction. If the trays are installed incorrectly, they can clog the drain pipe and stop the flow of water.

  5. Type of piping materials: materials that have appropriate flexibility and are compatible with the spatial conditions of the environment should be used. Also, attention should be paid to the sewage piping standards and the piping materials should be compatible with the piping standards. When choosing piping materials, factors such as diameter, thickness, material and brand, pressure tolerance, corrosion resistance and temperature should be considered.

  1. Respecting local and national regulations: Local and national regulations and standards for sewage piping must be respected and these regulations must be followed when choosing the piping route and how to install it.

  2. Pay attention to special points: special points such as pipe bend points, changing cross-section points and connection points should be carefully considered and the pipes should be coated so as to pass through these points.

In general, in choosing the route of sewage piping, attention should be paid to various aspects such as slope, installation space, relevant regulations and standards, piping materials and special points. To do the best work, it is better to use the services of experienced and expert consultants in this field.