In which of the tubes is the fluid more fluid and why?

Fluid in larger diameter pipes is more fluid due to less friction on the inner surface of the pipe. This means that there is a lower coefficient of surface friction for the fluid in larger pipes, so less frictional force is applied to the fluid and the fluid flows faster in the pipe.

In general, for fluid flow in pipes, the law of hydrodynamics has several parameters that affect the fluid flow. These parameters include pipe diameter, pipe length, fluid temperature, fluid properties (such as density and viscosity), fluid flow rate, and the coefficient of surface friction of the pipe.

Therefore, if the fluid flows in pipes with a larger diameter, less frictional force is applied to the fluid, and as a result, the fluid flows at a higher speed. However, in order to select the right pipe size for a particular system, careful calculations are required based on the system's needs in order to achieve the optimal result for the system.