What points should be observed for moving polyethylene pipes?

Polyethylene or PE pipes are used as a suitable alternative to steel pipes and polycarbonates due to their high resistance to corrosion and corrosion, lightness and high flexibility. To move polyethylene pipes, the following points should be taken into account:

1 Pipe length calculation: If you need to move polyethylene pipes, you should use the pipe length that is suitable according to the current conditions and movement intervals.

2 Transfer by device: To move polyethylene pipes, it is better to use special devices such as stretchers, cranes and forklifts.

3 Pipe cleaning: Before moving polyethylene pipes, they should be cleaned to prevent damage.

4 Taking care of pipe flexibility: When moving polyethylene pipes, attention should be paid to their flexibility so that they are soft and flexible if they need to be changed.

5 Observance of temperature: To move polyethylene pipes, the temperature must be taken into account so that it is not damaged in case of expansion or contraction of the pipe.

6. Installation and operation: After moving the polyethylene pipes, they must be installed and operated according to the relevant standards in order to achieve optimal performance.

In general, moving polyethylene pipes can be done easily due to its special features. But the above points should be paid attention to in order to move optimally and without problems. Also, it is better to use the abilities of a professional and expert company in this field to move polyethylene pipes so that problems such as damage, deviation, etc. do not arise in the pipes.