What are PPR-CT connections?

What are PPR CT fittings?      

PPR CT fittings are fittings that are used to connect PPR CT pipes to each other or to other components of piping systems. These connections are made of the same materials as PPR CT pipes, and for that reason, unlike the connections of other piping systems, they will not have any interference or corrosion with the pipes and components of other systems.

PPR CT fittings are widely used in piping systems due to features such as resistance to heat, pressure, corrosion and fluid flow, resistance to rot and corrosion, antibacterial, etc. Also, the installation and use of these connections is very simple and easy, and due to the special tools that exist for their installation, no special skills or complex equipment are required.

The type of PPR CT fittings includes various types, including normal fittings (three-point, four-point, T, L, two-key, etc.), round fittings, valve fittings, high pressure fittings, multi-valve fittings, divider fittings, regulator fittings pressure and...

PPR CT fittings have many advantages over PVC and metal fittings due to their characteristics. For example, these connections have higher corrosion and pressure resistance than PVC connections, and are lighter, rustproof, and less sound absorbing than metal connections. Also, PPR CT fittings reduce the installation and repair costs of piping systems due to the simplicity of installation, maintenance and maintenance.

In general, due to the many advantages that PPR CT connections have, they are widely used in construction projects, irrigation, heating and cooling networks, etc. 

But for optimal use of PPR CT connections, care must be taken in their installation and use. For example, the dimensions and thickness of pipes and fittings should be carefully considered and the appropriate tools should be used for their installation.

Also, glue and waterproof materials should not be used in PPR CT connections, because these materials cause damage and damage to the piping system. Instead, welding or compression fittings should be used to securely and leak-freely connect the pipes and fittings to each other.

In general, PPR CT fittings have become one of the most popular and chosen by engineers and professionals around the world for use in the construction industry, irrigation, heating and cooling networks, due to their technical characteristics, efficiency, durability and ease of installation. .. became.