What is the height of the hot and cold water scientific pipe from the finished floor?

According to the national building regulations, the height of the hot and cold water pipe from the finished floor should be at least 100 cm. This amount is in order to prevent the cold and hot water pipes from opening again, as well as to prevent contamination and penetration of water into the surface of the floor. Also, this amount has been determined in order to create a sufficient distance between the floor of the building and the water pipes to carry out maintenance operations, especially in case of any failure or the need to replace and install a new pipe.


If there is a need to use a water pump or high water pressure in the building, the height of the scientific pipe can be determined more than 100 cm. In this case, in order to increase the water pressure along the pipe path, the height of the scientific pipe should be increased by increasing the slope and lifting it up.

It should be noted that in some special cases, such as buildings with underfloor heating systems, the height of the scientific hot water pipe can be more than 100 cm. This is due to the need for optimal heating in the floor heating system and delivery to consumers. In any case, to choose the height of the scientific pipe, one should pay attention to the national building regulations and related standards and use experienced experts in the field of designing and implementing the water piping system in the building.